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Dr. Doric e. Earle

Business + Philanthropic Consultant


Business Advising with Non-Profits and Entrepreneurs.

Doric (MBA, PhD) has 30 years experience working as an executive for large corporations, creating small companies, and launching new service concepts. He holds a PhD in Public Affairs, with a focus on Urban Planning from the University of Texas at Dallas, where he lectures on Economics of health care. He currently working in economic development and Place-building, focusing on entrepreneurship, through the creating of an incubator for entrepreneurs in the Fair Park Area of Dallas (The District).

Working as a strategic planner and economic developer with Forward Planning, he helps clients: individuals, corporations, and municipalities, maximize their innate strengths as well as develop and achieve long and short term goals. He works with Dallas Admissions Consulting as a PhD and Graduate School Adviser and works with clients to create Personal Strategic Plans, focusing on and aligning skills and goals of education and commerce.

He also collaborates on the eradication of poverty through the application of technology, with SMU Hunt Institute where he is a Data Fellow. Additionally, Doric has co-created a platform to provide accessible housing to the South Dallas Fair Park area through Dallas Unity Fund, LLC.




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Areas of Practice

vision & Planning

What we have recognized, and the current research supports our view, is that we must engage as a totally community of services, to revitalize underserved communities.  Whether you use the term collective impact, integrated services or quarterbacking - the issue is the same - siloed efforts of small nonprofits, working alone, in trauma informed communities rarely have enough capacity, scale or breadth to make long-lasting, sustainable change.

Creating social & Economic Equity

Everything we do effects others, we wanted to make sure our work reflected this understanding, so everything we do gives back.

Individually, and together with incredible partners, we help individuals and ideas connect together and create neighborhood-wide impact.

executive Management & Business Solutions

Let’s talk about how you’re using your skills, strength, and data to learn from the past, while we look at your abilities to better the future of your work and everyone it effects.

From leadership development to full on project management, forward planning moves your work in the only direction that matters: forward. 


A recent Forbes study indicated that 50% of the Millennials they interviewed cited, "changing the world for the better as a goal." That is all fine and good if you have hot job in Silicon Valley, or have just finished medical school or are headed for a Fulbright Scholarship, but what about the rest of you?

Data analysis & Outcome assurance

Data does no good if you don’t know what to do with it. Our data analysis and outcome assurance strategy provides vital information help you better understand your work while giving you the tool kit to help you utilize this information to define tangible goals and a way to get to every one.

situational Assessment and design

We provide a well-rounded assessment that showcases multiple solutions to find the best options for you. We then create a design that takes potential and turns it into reality.

We analyze multiple possibilities to hone in on the best outcome. We then deploy the best process or technology to enable productivity and social engagement.


Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, and live the life you have imagined.
— Henry David Thoreau


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