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Quick Way to Identify Solution To Big Problem (and make you look like a genius)

I have reinvented myself to Do Good, For Good. However, much of what I learned and practiced in the corporate, for profit world, works surprisingly well in the Social Entrepreneur space. One of the tools I used in my days as a Senior (Technology) VP when faced with a thorny problem, was called a Situational Analysis (SA). Sounds complicated but it doesn’t have to be. The key to success when using SA (either on an organizational or personal issue) is letting the process peel the “problem” onion so to speak. The process exposes many more aspects of the “situation” than typical problem analysis techniques.

Here is the process summary:

  • Executive Summary.

  • Define / review Service or Program Objectives.

  • Governance Review - who is in charge?

  • Who are the stakeholders (clients, customers, recipients, investors, fundors, etc.)?

  • Modified Situational Analysis & SWOT - Methodology

    • General Situational Analysis - SWOT

    • Strengths, Weaknesses (internal), (Leverage/minimize)

    • Opportunities, Threats (external), (Optimize/Counter)

  • High Level Operational Review

    • Create Milestones - near middle far 

  • Project Management Drill-down - what methodology if any?

  • Issues & Risks - where are the barriers?

  • Performance Summary – Brief Scorecard. - create one

This works. I can show you how to be the hero and solve your toughest problem.

Doric Earle