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Applied Academics

we believe that knowledge is as vital as action.

Our team consists of educators who put ideas into action. See below for higher education offereings or keep up with our blog for upcoming and free educational opportunities.


University of Texas, Dallas- Economics of Health Care & Intro to Health Care Management - Adjunct

A Professor in Economics, Dr Doric Earle is currently exploring the world of Healthcare through helping Undergraduate students understand the expenditures, markets, and industry that effect our daily lives and finances. 


SMU MEADOWS School of the Arts - Adjunct

Dr. Earle is also slated to teach an Employee Communication course for SMU MEADOWS School of the Arts starting in the fall of 2017.  This course will focus on honing the intra-company and extra-company communication skills, with group projects resulting in the creation of Kickstarter projects and presentations around them.


SMU-Hunt Institute Data Fellow

Our entire team is currently working hand-in-hand with the Hunt Institute to create a pipeline of innovations relevant both locally and globally.

The Hunt Institute aims to shift the foundation of poverty through action and empowerment, not charity. The Institute strives to bring together the most talented minds from fields including engineering; science; business; international development; and global economics, and combine their efforts with market forces to improve the standard of living for those in extreme poverty. The Institute focuses on access to clean water; creating affordable shelter, including design justice for the marginalized; hygiene education and promotion; access to energy; and meeting basic infrastructure needs.