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Millennial Tool Kt (for social entrepreneurs)


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If you are a Millennial, at sometime you have wondered how you can make a difference AND make a living.....

I had the wonderful opportunity very recently to share my philosophy regarding social entrepreneurship, social good, conscientious capitalism - essentially how to navigate doing what you have to do with doing what you want do - with a newly gradated young man, and I mean newly  - that morning in fact.   His angst, like many of his Millennial cohort, rests with the conundrum of how to make a living and how to make a positive impact on your world.  

A recent Forbes study indicated that 50% of the Millennials they interviewed cited, "changing the world for the better as a goal."  That is all fine and good if you have hot job in Silicon Valley, or have just finished medical school or are headed for a Fulbright Scholarship, but what about the rest you?


We have developed a simple set of tools (a tool kit)   ...

A series of simple steps, guides and principles to help you find your way and feed yourself.....