Forward Planning LLC
Success Modeling & Visioning


Business advice for Entrepreneurs, Creatives, and Innovators.



Executive Management/Business strategy

Duration Varies, $45-$250 per hour

Broad leadership experience, consultative solutioning ans selling. We use our experience in mentoring global teams to create high value outcomes.

ENTREPRENEUR'S Hands-on Partner/mentor

30 Minutes, $100, fixed fee, or equity

I have the templates, the financial background, contacts, and battle scars to help you avoid costly mistakes, and test and launch your business. i run big and small, local and international companies. Finance, sales, and operations are my strengths- as well as keen emotional intelligence.

Success Navigation & Capture

Duration Varies, $85-$250 per hour or fixed fee

Where most socially conscious and mission-driven organizations fail is being able to prove they are moving the needle and making a difference. We can prove your case.

Situational Assessment & Design

Duration Varies, $500-$5,500

How can you make progress towards your ideal future with your business, your mission, your cause, or your self if you don’t know where you are today and what you have to work with. We can help discover, and fast!