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Doric is such a pleasure to work with. He instills trust in his employees and allows them to manage their own workload in a manner that promotes creativity and collaboration. If at any time his assistance is needed, he is always there for support. His understanding of the business and the technology required to support the business is clearly based upon experience and wisdom. He is definitely an asset to any business and/or project.
Doric is an effective executive who maintains his professionalism in the face of difficult clients and challenging demands of business. He never loses sight of the objectives and is not buffeted by day-to-day problems. He is a trusted partner and his word is a sufficient contract.

I worked as a Service Delivery Manager for Doric managing several clients where he was the over all Account Manager. I highly respect Doric for his leadership and mentoring. He is sincere and personable. I would work with him again in a heart beat!