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We at Restorative Farms want to Help Grow a Better Dallas (A Forward Planning Partner)

We believe to grow a better Dallas requires a systemic approach to addressing resource (food) desert.  Addressing strategically the systemic obstacles that make even the most successful stand alone agri-business struggle -overcoming entry barriers and high transactions cost of growing a farm and business in a historically disinvested community.  That’s why we are helping grow a better local agri-system where it is MOST needed.  

Phase 1 Put in a urban concentrated production “Micro Farm” with multiple growing techniques including row, raised bed and vertical growing also climate control agriculture. Integration of the South Dallas Healthy Food System.

•Providing access to more healthy food by growing, harvesting and distributing through various outlets.

•Creating local jobs to those helping to operate the farm.

•Future Urban Farmers Training program

•Possible Afterschool Program

•Providing education to the community on how to grow its own food

•Support future Food-system hub (See last slide)

Leverage Restorative Farms urban system: R&D, infrastructure, equipment sharing and partnerships. Use best research based practices in urban agriculture for low impact high yield production. Work with partners in the system to achieve better: sustainability, crop management and product diversification.


•Big Tex Urban Farms & The State Fair of Texas

•City of Dallas Economic Development, Environmental Dept.

•DART – Dallas Rapid Transit.

•Get Healthy Dallas

•Forward Planning

•Frazier Revitalization

•Hort Americas

•SMU Hunt Institute

•SMU Lyle School of Engineering

•Texas A&M AgriLife