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Of landing that job! Steps to Enhance Your Chances

I have hired, fired, interviewed and managed hundreds, if not thousands of people of all ages backgrounds nationalities and faiths. Below are some of my common sense tips for finding a good fit job-wise.

Several different steps that will enhance your chances. 

1. Do your homework - learn about the company you are interested in.  If it is a public company, look at their annual reports, SEC Filings, social media or other media about them - this will give you insight into their mission, but more importantly insight regarding potential problems you can help solve.  This shows the company you are serious. See how your values align with theirs.

2. Find people who know someone who is connected to the company.  The average hiring manager spends seven SECONDS reviewing a resume.  You are better served, connecting through an acquaintance, by sending a letter (if you have enough address info.) or email, indicating you are interested in the company, interested in helping X problem or added to the team adding value....

3. On your free time, see if there are ways to volunteer or associate socially with industry related groups, associations, or favorite causes of the company you are interested - often your initiative working on the same cause or volunteering in an industry group can connect you.

4. Lastly, keep a very open mind. It is very difficult to tell how opportunities will reveal themselves.  By taking chances, over-delivering, learning something from every job you do (paid or unpaid) and by meeting lots and lots of people, new (often unimagined) opportunities become visible.  Those who have a very narrow focus or are reluctant to try new things, often miss out. 

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Dr. Doric E. Earle